Persian high flyer pigeons, Iranian Kaftars or High Flying Tumblers for sale by Persian Pigeon Loft

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Persian High Flyer Pigeons -  For Sale

At Persian Pigeon Loft we have hundreds of pigeons ready for sale to be shipped anywhere in the United States. We have tried to group the pigeons in the lofts by their age and ability rather that the pigeon's colors. Please take a look at the pigeons for sale in the current six pigeon lofts. Start looking for certain markings of physical qualities when buying your pigeons. We have quite a selection of pigeons for sale on order for you to pick the qualities and characteristics to best suit your pigeon needs. All of our pigeons for sale are guaranteed to arrive healthy and will provide you with hours of enjoyment as high flying pigeons or  tumbling pigeons. Please give us a call so we can help meet your pigeon needs..


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